Monday, May 30, 2011


Today's One-Minute Writer prompt is:  Feedback--We haven't had a lot of responses on The One-Minute Writer lately, so it's time again for me to ask for your feedback and suggestions. I can't implement all suggestions, but I will appreciate all of them! I'm looking forward to your 60 seconds of feedback--thanks!

I found your site almost two weeks ago and I am loving it! I have been trying to journal daily for years and your site has helped me do it.  I've been journaling daily for that entire two weeks! Thanks for the fun and the accountability.  I have no suggestions for your improvement.  I think you're great the way you are!

If you are reading this, I encourage you to check out The One-Minute Writer.  If you're needing a little boost to your daily writing, this will definitely do the trick!


  1. Thank you so much, Michelle! Great to have you involved. :)

  2. Am I crazy or do you have two blogs? One for writing and one for reading? If so I don't think I've been to this one... And if I'm crazy, that's ok too. :-) Either way I love this one-minute writer plan. :-) Happy musing and writing.

  3. Ok, now I feel silly. I just saw on here where you have a number of blogs. :-) I didn't see one just for cats though. ;-D


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