Wednesday, June 8, 2011

ROW80 Check-In, Journaling (Popular) and I won the One-Minute Writing of the Week!

Quick ROW80 update:  I'm still journaling daily! Brainstorming my new book idea and reading Persia Wooley's book on how to write historical fiction (see currently reading in sidebar).

I just found out that I won The One-Minute Writing of the Week for the week of 5/22-5/28! Here is my Friday Fiction piece that won.  The prompt was "Early"...

The early morning was the best time for us to set off to market. The marketplace was deserted this early. There was no dust flying and the stench of filth and unwashed bodies together in close proximity had not taken over the fresh air of dawn's early light.

Today's One-Minute Writer prompt is:  Popular--Were you popular as a kid? Are you now?

Growing up, I had varying degrees of popularity.  There were periods in my life where I was teased mercilessly.  Only when I finally achieved enough self-confidence (during high school) to ignore and overcome the mistreatment, did I finally become popular.  I seem to be popular now, but popularity is really what you make of it.

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