Friday, July 22, 2011

Journaling: Friday Fiction...Ink

Today is Friday Fiction at The One-Minute Writer.  The prompt is Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Ink."  From C. Beth...Friday Fiction is your opportunity to write a short (short, short, short) story. Many participants use more than one minute for Friday Fiction prompts, and I open up the One-Minute Writing of the Day contest to entries of various lengths.

The ink well tipped over on the desk and black ink spilled out across the pages, dripping onto the floor.  The cat who had jumped on the desk, thus knocking over the well, sat there licking his fur--unconcerned at the mess he had made.  The writer, who was so hopelessly blocked, sat with her head in her hands, despairing over the loss of her hard work.


  1. This is my first time to join the prompt from one-minute writing site and I feel for the author all the hard work stained by the seeping ink on the paper. Tsk, tsk bad kitty.

  2. Very nice. I can just picture the scene.


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