Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today's One-Minute Writer prompt is:  Hospital--Write about a time you were in the hospital (as a patient or visitor.)

I was in the hospital last summer for nine days.  I had severe cellulitis in my leg and developed a staph infection.  I was on IV antibiotics which had to be administered through an IV line placed in my arm internally.  The day I came home, I had an allergic reaction to the medicine and spent the 4th of July in the ER.  All told, I was on home health care and IV antibiotics for six more weeks.  I lost a lot of hair, but thank God, I didn't lose my leg.  I very well could have or, at worst, I could have died.  I was one of the lucky ones.


  1. Sure glad it all worked out for you. I am a bit worried about the same thing right now. I have had a partial knee replacement, a total knee replacement and a total knee revision. All on the same knee. The last surgery was a little over a year ago and I still have pain, swelling etc in this knee. I have an appointment Monday with the ortho..we are worried about an infection...sheesh. Always something isn't it?/

  2. Good to know that it's over and you've recovered.

  3. That was SO scary!! I NEVER want that to happen again. I'm just thankful that you pulled through. I was worried to death!


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