Friday, July 8, 2011

Journaling...Houseguest and One-Minute Writing of the Day 6/24/11

Today's One-Minute Writer prompt is:  Houseguest--Write about a houseguest you've had, or a time you were a houseguest.

My Mom and I were just talking about this the other day.  When she still lived in Michigan, she would come down and visit me at least twice a year.  I had a nice little guest room for her (before I had kids).  It was so nice to wake up with her there.  Sometimes she would be up first, making coffee.  Sometimes I would get up first and go in and wake her up.  Although it's wonderful having her living in the same town now, sometimes we miss the special feeling of those visits.

Since joining in on The One-Minute Writer daily writing prompts on May 18, 2011, I have won the One-Minute Writing of the Day three times and the One-Minute Writer of the Week once! My latest win for One-Minute Writer of the Day (that I didn't even know I had won...duh!) was for the Friday Fiction prompt of "Watch" which I wrote on June 24, 2011.  Here is what I wrote which warranted me a win:

Richard had worked on the night watch in the Tower for years. He patrolled the required areas silently. He didn't like working in the Tower. Too many souls had passed through its doors to the scaffold. It was a dismal place. As he was passing the quarters which housed the prisoners of high status, he heard a woman's voice. He looked through the small window in the door and saw a slight, pretty woman on her knees, praying fervently. She had a courageous air about her and there was a strange heavenly light surrounding her head. He was astounded by the apparent strength emanating from her...she who was destined for the executioner's sword on the morrow. He hung his head, his spirit much afflicted, and continued down the corridor.

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  1. Congrats on the win! Very nice piece.


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