Friday, August 26, 2011

Journaling: Friday Fiction...Pepper

Today is Friday Fiction at The One-Minute Writer.  The prompt is Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Pepper."  From C. Beth...Friday Fiction is your opportunity to write a short (short, short, short) story. Many participants use more than one minute for Friday Fiction prompts, and I open up the One-Minute Writing of the Day contest to entries of various lengths.

Pepper ducked into the alley and pressed her back against the brick wall.  Peering around the corner, she saw the dark figure still approaching.  Whoever it was, he had been following her for blocks.  "He's probably one of my previous customers," she thought, but she didn't feel very confident about that.  She began searching the alley for something she could use as a weapon.  Finding a liquor bottle with its end broke off, she picked it up and went back to the wall to await her stalker.  She heard the footsteps begin to slow as he approached the alley.  She was ready.  As the figure cleared the wall, she jumped out and jabbed up at him with all her strength.  The man made a choking sound and fell to the ground.  Pepper gasped in astonishment.  Lying there, the broken bottle sticking out of his throat, was her pimp, Johnny.

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