Thursday, October 20, 2011

ROW80 Check-In 10/19/11...NaNoWriMo Bound!

I am terrible at these twice a week check-ins! In fact, it seems I have trouble checking in at all.  I guess I feel like if I have nothing to report, then who cares....but, I have to learn that checking in is an accountability step so I vow to at least check-in once a week.  Maybe I can handle that!

I haven't been doing much that I planned for my original goals.  I've been reading a lot of review books and that has been taking up my time.  Here was what my original plan:

--2 hours daily for research and planning
--1-2 hours daily for reading on the craft
--1/2 hour daily for journaling (preferably in the morning)

Okay, so I have not done any of what I planned.  However, I'm going to do a temporary goal list until NaNoWriMo starts.  Then we know what that daily goal is...yikes!

--I'm participating in two read-a-thons this weekend, starting Friday so I plan to make reading books on the craft a big part of that.  This will be Friday through Sunday.
--Next week, starting Monday and going through Thursday, I will be going to the library every day while the kids are at school to read and research.  I figure this will give me about 4-5 hours, if I go at 10 every day when the library opens.
--Monday, October 31...not sure if I'll get library time in due to kids' school Halloween parties, but we'll see.  Might be able to squeeze in a couple of hours of last minute planning.

On a side note, I had another inspiration today for a story idea so I will be deciding which one will be more feasible to run with for NaNoWriMo.  I have some books here in my home library that can get me started so I can hopefully decide before I hit the library.

Also, I did do some writing recently.  I wrote a guest post for my friend's blog, Midnyte Reader.  It's a real-life account of a horrific experience I had.  You can read it HERE.

On a final note, for those of you who are doing NaNoWriMo this year, I have created a group on the NaNo forums in NaNo Groups in the Writing Groups and Clubs section.  The ROW80 Writers can be found HERE.  AND Lena Corazon has created a NaNo support group, Fun Not Fear! Thanks, Lena! Check it out HERE.


  1. I think you make your goals to large; if you decide to read or research or write for five minutes everyday then your goals are easier to reach, you get chuffed with yourself when you do them and even more chuffed if you do more and you're less likely to give up at the thought of them. My advice (which you don't have to take) is start small, you can always increase your goals later.

  2. I'm also doing "time target" goals this round, and I've found that having weekly goals, rather than daily ones, helps me quite a bit. I think my writing goals is 8 hours/week, which means I can shift my writing schedule around as I see fit.

    Don't worry too much if you need to change things up as you go, however. That's what this challenge is for!

    Looking forward to chatting more as we dive into NaNo!

  3. Sounds like your on the ball and doing well with nano planning. Good luck with your research. And yes, do try to check in at least once a week so we know how you are doing. Thanks for starting the row80 group on the nano forum.


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