Thursday, December 29, 2011

ROW80 2012, Change Write Now, and NaBloPoMo

Oh yes, I'm in for another year of ROW80.  This is sign-up for round one, but I plan on being in on all the rounds and I'm hoping to impress my fellow ROW80 participants with my writing prowess in 2012.  LOL  Truly, I have met some wonderful people while participating in this writing challenge.  It has become more than a writing challenge.  It is a community of like minds and I like to say...friends.  Good luck to all my fellow ROW-ers.  One of my goals for 2012 (I like the word goals better than resolutions) is definitely to be better about visiting with you all during the challenge.  As I always say, we are all works in progress!

I'm also signing up for Change Write Now.  This is a challenge to help us be more healthy in the new year.  To develop some good habits and get rid of some bad ones.  Many may not know this, but I started on my healthy quest in May and I lost 40 lbs. between May and September.  I took a break for the two week holiday and then I'm back on track starting Monday.  I still have a long way to go and I've been doing pretty good with my eating, but I need some help in the exercise and drinking water department.  I also have a ton of bad habits I'd like to break.  I feel like this challenge was custom made for me. =O)  I'm late to the game because today is the last day to sign-up, but if you read this in time and want to join in, you can find out all the info at the Change Write Now site.

NaBloPoMo January 2012

And last, but certainly not least, is NaBloPoMo.  Here are the details from the site:

It's that time again; time to commit to posting every day for a full month by joining in with NaBloPoMo. The point? Well, beyond the endurance factor -- of becoming a writing athlete -- there's the benefit from daily writing. I use it as a way to warm up before getting into book writing. And then there's the community aspect: joining NaBloPoMo is like joining a gym. You're writing in a group and feeding off that for motivation rather than writing alone. 

The theme for January is fitting! They have writing prompts Monday - Friday and weekends are for free writing (HERE).  If you think you might like to join in, check out all the details and sign-up info HERE.

Wish me luck on my endeavors in the new year!


  1. Awesome! I went over and signed up for Change Right Now. Just what I needed. :)

  2. Wow! You love a challenge, too. You will be very busy, that's for sure. So glad you are joining me in the Change Write Now challenge. It should be great.

  3. Love the commitment to writing! I'm bookmarking your site to help me remember all of the great things you are doing

  4. Guess I found my own answer! :) Best of luck with these challenges. How did you do with NaNoWriMo or did you participate last year?


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