Thursday, March 22, 2012

ROW80/Round One--Final Check-In

I tanked Round One of ROW80.  Yes, that's right I'm admitting it.  No excuses to offer.  I just have not been in the writing mode (or mood) at all.  Not only did I not write regularly, but I hardly checked in either.  I think this was my rebellious time of 2012.  I will be signing up for Round Two.  I'm going to spend these eleven days reflecting on my self-imposed obstacles and coming up with a plan that I will stick to.  Wish me luck...I'm going to need it.


  1. What is great about ROW80 is there is always a way to jump back in, whether it's in the middle of a round, or starting the next round. Everyone needs to take a break, or as you said, rebel, once in awhile. (I had a little rebellion myself this round, for about a month!) What matters is that you are getting back on the bike, and we will be here to support you! See you in Round 2!!

  2. Like Kat says, you are always welcome to come right back in the ROW. We all have our days (my "day" lasted about three weeks) where nothing seems to be working and the words are just falling away unseen and unheard.

    You know this though, because you signed up for Round II. Take some time, read, go for some walks in the woods or along a city street... just immerse yourself into someplace non-writing related for a few days. I have no doubt the bug will be nipping at your subconscious almost immediately. (Muses hate being ignored.)

  3. Thanks for visiting, ladies...and for your kind and supportive words. I always try to stay optimistic about what's to come, despite all my missteps!

  4. Okay, so I'm not in the challenge, but I did have writing goals. I eliminated EVERYTHING in my life to write more and though I did earlier this year, Feb and March have been filled with too much family wise. I'm hoping to get back to normalcy in June, maybe as early as May.


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