Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sit Down and Write 3--It's a wrap (+ ROW80)

I'm sorry that this wrap-up post is so late. As you know, the write-a-thon ended yesterday and I planned to post the wrap-up post this morning, but my day quickly turned to crap. I'm not sure if there are any other 44 years olds out there reading this, but I am currently smack dab in peri-menopause and if you're familiar, then you will know how it affects your brain. My memory was total crap today. I won't even list how many things I forgot. Urgh! did you all do? I know a couple of you have already wrapped up. I'm not even going to discuss my fail. Of course, I did have to get sick during the two weeks. Is this karma or what? However, I think Tif, Amateur Novelist and myself are on the same wavelength. I have decided to finish planning this month and then on June 1st, I'll be ready. My boys are out of school from May 24 through July 31 so that means no three hours in the car every day doing the school run. Woot! That's three extra hours...A DAY! I will put it to good use, I promise. =O)  As far as ROW80 goes, I'm going to take a brief break and jump back in around June 1st.

As for another Sit Down and Write, any suggestions? I'm thinking perhaps August, but you can weigh in below. Also, leave a link to your wrap-up, if you like.

Thanks for joining me!


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  1. I've been going through menopausal issues for a decade now and you're right. Memory is the first to go. I have Post-it notes stuck all over the place as reminders to do things. Without them, I'd be lost. My iPhone has a note pad thingy too. So if I'm away, I use that or the calendar to remind me.

    Smart idea about taking a break until the 1st. That helps me to regroup. And I hear ya about school being out. My plans are to finish the rough draft of Julianne's story (book 1) by August 15th, and then take a vacation before coming back to do the editing on September 1st. I'll on the next write-a-thon, I'll be there if I'm not taking a break. Keep in mind, the dates aren't set in stone. If I finish up earlier or later, I'll have to make adjustments. That said, I'm going to try my best NOT to be late. :)

  2. Ah the things us women have to go through. Mind you as my husband is always telling me it isn't exactly fun for the men who go through it with us. Anyway, wishing you all the best and try not to beat yourself up about these things.

  3. This year the being sick thing has taken down a lot of us, not just in the row80 but in most of my writing communities. It's pretty scary (ooh, new idea for a science fiction thing... why burn the books if the writers can't write them? To still potential dissent, a government black laboratory project is released that causes widespread confusion and malaise... Not enough to kill, but enough to keep people feeling "ill" and not up to causing trouble....)

    I think you're wise to take a break. After we were sick here, I tried to rush right into things... It didn't work well.

  4. Great story idea, Eden! Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone on your end is feeling better now.

  5. Thanks, Tracy! Yeah, my husband is now out of the picture, but I'm sure my sons are about sick of my mood swings. LOL!

  6. You did get a lot of stuff crossed off your list. Great job! I'm working on dropping some weight too, but I'm REALLY overweight. It's really hard, you know.

    Sounds like you have good plans in place. I'll let you know when I schedule Sit Down and Write again.

    By the way, I read your post about the book The Magic of Believing and I went over to Better World Books and ordered it. It should be here first of the week. I hope it clicks for me like it did for you. Thanks for posting about it!

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