Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 and a Support Group

Am I ready? No. Am I ever ready? That would also be a no. But I never give up and so I'm jumping on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon once again.

To hold myself accountable and to offer support to my friends who are also braving the NaNo waters this month, I will be posting here daily, whether I've written or not. These posts will be for daily accountability and the comments each day will be a forum for my friends (and other NaNo participants) to stop by and share their struggles, successes, pretty much anything. It's a NaNo support group OR The--rant, share, vent, brainstorm, shoot the breeze--Support Group!

I hope you will join me so we can support each other in this daunting endeavor. Yes, I said daunting. Anyone would be a fool not to call it so.

Happy writing!!!


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  1. I am in! Just started today! Thanks for reminding me :)

  2. Happy Day One! I tweaked my back moving some furniture last night but I am going to get cranking after I ice and heat my back. Good luck to all!


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